Patrick Vonderau

I am a Professor at Stockholm University, Sweden.

In Stockholm I am appointed at the Department for Media Studies (Faculty for the Humanities). Previously, I have hold positions at the University of the Arts in Berlin (2001-2004), and Ruhr University Bochum (2004-2009). I finished my PhD in 2005 at Humboldt University Berlin. Berlin also is where I am originally from, and where I co-founded what since has become the largest European Network for Cinema and Media Studies, NECS, back in 2005.

I am interested in media and cultural history, technology and social theory, and especially in understanding the multi-faceted relations between “media” and “industries” in their broad historical, aesthetical, theoretical, and technological contexts.

My research and teaching thus may be situated in what currently is called critical media industry studies, and I am glad to be involved in productive initiatives such as the Media Industries Project, the Media Industries Journal, the Media Industries Scholarly Interest Group, or MINE-Media Industries Network Europe, some of which I had the pleasure to co-initiate. Calling all this research “critical” means to acknowledge that it has more in common with approaches in critical theory, cultural history, aesthetic philosophy, science and technology studies, media archaeology, or social anthropology (to name a few) than with applied research, media economics, or trade reporting. I continue doing research in cinema studies, the discipline from which I graduated. You are welcome to check out a few of my publications here or on academia.edu.

I am currently involved in two large research projects that have received a total of 1,5 mio EUR in grant funding. The first is entitled Advertising and the Transformation of Screen Cultures (2014-2017) (adscreen.org), the second Streaming Heritage: Following Files in Digital Music Distribution (2014-2018) (streamingheritage.se). Information about my ongoing research is to be found on my blog . In 2015, I also will be an Affiliated Researcher at the University of California at Santa Barbara.

This is my personal website, and its privilege is to be all that which a commercial website isn’t. Its not daily updated, nor is it filled with breaking news, based on self-quantification or social media Likes. Its just a site for a few thoughts, writings in progress, and for information about my projects. If you want more, check my (equally selective) academia.edu page – or simply contact me for a full publication list.
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